Video Work

The Williams School

A profile video for a private school in downtown Norfolk which is featured on the homepage of their website.  I love the music and opening drone shot. I shot almost all of the video myself. The opening drone show was provided to me by the school.  I encouraged the director of the school to focus on the motto of the school and how the school really teaches kindness, which I think is really beautiful.

The school had an existing logo that I animated for them.  It can be seen in the introduction.

Visit website:  The Williams School Norfolk

Garden Atriums

A promotional video for a sustainable housing development in Poquoson, VA.  The first video tells the story of how the developers came to create a sustainable development; the second video explains the plans for the next generation of Garden Atriums homes.  The second video incorporates some motion graphics to help emphasize the features of the homes.  I love these homes.  They are a beautiful example of treading gently on the earth.

Visit Website:  Garden Atriums

Mystic Jamaica

This is a restaurant profile video that I did as group project with students at TNCC.  It was a lot of fun.  I did the type design and some of the shooting as well as adding effects.  The owner used it on their facebook page to promote the restaurant.


A little Motion Graphics