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Video Work

Bay to Belly
Exhibition Video

I worked on creating this video along with students at Thomas Nelson Community College.  I also worked with graphic design students at the college to create the other visuals for the event.  I loved this project because I'm passionate about bay restoration.

Bay to Belly is a traveling exhibit devoted to the food systems of the Chesapeake Bay region. By looking at a wide range of topics including keystone species, sustainability, and the stories of indigenous peoples, the exhibit—Bay to Belly—teaches participants how the food they eat ends up on their plates, or how it travels from “Bay to belly.”

Visual System & Videography for Drone Program at TNCC

This is a work in process.  I'm making several videos and graphics promoting the drone program at Thomas Nelson Community College.  I am working with the Thomas Nelson's current style guide to create custom lower thirds and various other graphics.

More micro content to come...

Visual System for Drone Program

Graphic for drone program
Image of graphic produced for TNCC drone program
Title Card for Drone Program

Recent Random Drone Shots

Promotional Social Media Post for TNCC Photography

A quick video to promote the photography program at Thomas Nelson Community College.  The images included in the video are from the photography professors and a few of mine.


The Williams School

A profile video for a private school in downtown Norfolk which they showed at the school's annual meeting.  I love the music and opening drone shot. I shot almost all of the video myself. (The opening drone shot was provided to me by the school.) Although the video communicates some statistics about the school such as teacher-student ratios; I encouraged the director to focus primarily on how the school teaches kindness and a sense of duty. I also strived to convey a sense of warmth and acceptance at the school.

The school had an existing logo, which I animated for them.  It can be seen in the introduction.


Garden Atriums

A promotional video for a sustainable housing development in Poquoson, VA.  The first video tells the story of how the developers came to create a sustainable development; the second video explains the plans for the next generation of Garden Atriums homes.  The second video incorporates some motion graphics to help emphasize the features of the homes.  I love these homes.  They are a beautiful example of treading gently on the earth.

Visit Website:  Garden Atriums

Political Ad for Social Media

A promotional video for a candidate running for the general assembly.  The client published the video on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.  Because the video was destined for social media where people often don't play the audio on their mobile devices, we incorporated more graphics to illustrate the client's political platform.

I worked with a recent communications graduate from JMU.  It was wonderful having Keaton on this project!  She captured the still images with quotes from the clients and assisted me with the videography.

Mystic Jamaica

This is a restaurant profile video that I did as group project with students at TNCC.  It was a lot of fun.  I did the type design and some of the shooting as well as adding effects.  The owner used it on their facebook page to promote the restaurant.


A little Motion Graphics